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Firearm Instruction & Training
Firearm Instruction & Training
Firearm Instruction & Training



Irish Eddie”, the owner of Action Repair in Boca Raton, Florida is well-known for his real world self-defense skills, firearms expertise, gun cleaning/gunsmithing abilities and his knife handling/sharpening skills.  His skills are unique.  Entrust yourself and your safety to a true professional.

• Everyone should know how to protect themselves

• Keep your firearms clean and safe.

• A sharp knife is a safe knife

Irish Eddie” has trained both men and women over the past 30 years in multiple forms of self-defense techniques — including (but not limited to) hand to hand combat, close quarter fighting, firearms instruction, knife fighting and weapons disarmament.  His students include law enforcement and military personnel, as well as civilians who are looking to learn how to protect themselves or others.  Regardless of your experience level, fitness level or your age—”Irish Eddie” can teach you how to defend yourself.   His self-defense classes are designed to help you discover your own skill set.

• “Irish Eddie” is a certified Firearms Instructor (Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun) and is a certified Range Safety Officer.  His firearms expertise is extraordinary.  If you have never fired a firearm before, he has trained first-time users how to properly handle a firearm and how to shoot in a safe manner.    If you are already experienced with a firearm, he has trained experienced people – including law enforcement and military personnel — how to improve their technique and understanding of their firearms.  Concealed carry permit classes are available.  ACTION REPAIR DOES NOT SELL OR BUY FIREARMS OR RECEIVERS.

Irish Eddie” is also a nationally recognized gunsmith and armorer for firearms cleaning, maintenance, and repair and more.   Firearms need to be kept clean and safe.  “Irish Eddie” brings decades of experience and a trained eye which can detect potentially hazardous conditions.   Action Repair offers gun cleaning and gunsmithing services for many kinds of firearms, including but not limited to: Handguns, Revolvers, Rifles, Shotguns, 1911s.   Action Repair works on all legal Class III firearms.  For work to commence, all up to date (paperwork * Tax Stamp* SOT) must be provided and presented with each individual Class III item.  NO EXCEPTIONS.  ACTION REPAIR DOES NOT SELL OR BUY FIREARMS OR RECEIVERS.

• “Irish Eddie” is also a professional knife and scissor sharpener — he takes great pride in his meticulous sharpening skills combined with his specialized equipment designed to sharpen and protect your blades in the process.   “Irish Eddie” is a craftsman who is focused on restoring your blade to its full potential.   He is, therefore, a great resource for chefs, hair stylists, barbers, groomers, etc. who need their blades/shears properly sharpened and maintained.    Entrust your blade to a professional!   Keep your edge sharp.   A sharp knife is a safer knife!  Call or email “Irish Eddie” at Action Repair today.

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