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Irish Eddie® Professional Knife Sharpening Service

“Having been a chef for 25 years and sharpening my own knives countless times, as well as having them sharpened by ‘professional’ knife sharpeners… I can honestly say that Irish Eddie gave a whole new meaning to a truly sharp knife.

Laura O, November 2019 - ( review from Google)

“What a special experience….. Pricing is excellent. Couldn’t ask for more.”

Sharon F, November 2019 - ( review from Google)

Eddie is a great man and extremely helpful and informative. I feel like I got a lot more out of the experience than just a couple of beautifully sharpened knives. Excellent experience!”

David. P, September 2019 - ( review from Google)

“Eddie does great work…..It was clear within a few minutes that he was an expert in knife sharpening and handling. My knives hadn’t been sharpened in 15 years and he brought 20 of them back to being sharp as new. He is also reasonably priced. I highly recommend him.”

Chris B, August 2019 - ( review from Google)

Eddie’s work is fantastic. I had him sharpen a knife and he went over with me the entire process and tips on how it all works and what he was doing. He is super knowledgeable and a respectful man. I would highly recommend his business to anyone.”

DJ, August 2019 - ( review from Google)

Simply the best….. I will not go anywhere else.”

Jason T, February 2019 - ( review from Google)

By far one of the most knowledgeable and experienced knife sharpeners I have ever met.

Subbie M, December 2018 - ( review from Google)

If you are looking for an honest, ethical person who strives to exceed your expectations in every little thing he does, you have found him!

Steven F, December 2018 - ( review from Google)

This man is a master knife sharpener. Friendly, professional and affordable. You can trust him with your Microtechs & high end Chef’s knives.”

Manuel G, December 2018 - ( review from Google)

My experience summed up in just a single word: WOW!

Clark G, December 2018 - ( review from Google)

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